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The money is in the Follow-up we all know it. The Local Lead Lion Marcus Thomas helps you do that with ease!

We Help You Close More Deals in 2023, HOW?

Simple! By developing the BEST Follow up process a business can have. Your leads will be persistently followed Up with, appointments will be scheduled on your calendar, and live transfers will be made!



For the past two years, we have been dominating lead generation for real estate and the mortgage industry. Even though we were getting amazing results for some reason some of our clients would flourish and others floundered. this was a huge problem for us that we needed to fix. 


We refused to take the irresponsible way out and just let our clients fail, so we did some digging and found the solution.


The ones that were failing simply did not do follow-up consistently and didn’t have a proper process in place. This is when we realized that leads alone are not enough but follow-up is key to increase the amount of ROI you get from closed deals. This is when it hit me why not just develop a complete follow up system and that’s when the VCC attraction follow up system was created.

How Does all this work?

Step 1:  We integrate with your current process

No matter where your leads are coming from, we can plug into your current process and our team will INSTANTLY follow up with them!

Some lead sources we handle are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Zillow
  • Realtor.com
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Referral Sources
  • Anything that Connects Via Zapier


Step 2:  We Call when the lead is the hottest as soon as it comes in

  • An initial text message is sent to your fresh leads instantly upon arrival.
  •  Our team starts calling your leads. We call your leads up to 26 times within the first 60 days. 
  •  We attempt to set appointments. Once we get in touch with your leads we attempt to set up live call transfers, in-person meetings, or phone appointments (depending on what the lead is willing to do).
  •  We track, document, and share all correspondence with you about your leads.


The Money is in the Follow up...

The simple truth is even if you generate hundreds of leads without a complete lead follow up system you’re throwing money away!

Step 3:  Instant Notifications when an appointment is set

  • Our first attempt is to live transfer calls with hot leads directly to your cell phone!
  • ​If live transfer is not possible we attempt to schedule an in-person meeting at a location of your choice.
  • ​If your lead is not ready for an in-person meeting we attempt to set a phone appointment with them.
  • ​If your lead is not ready for an appointment we will nurture them until they are ready!

What notifications do I get?

When we set an appointment with your leads we immediately add the appointment to your calendar and send you a text message and email with a detailed recap of the conversation we had with your lead so you are fully prepared for your meeting with them!

Step 4:  Real Time Simple reporting For mobile/desktop Devices, Progress Updates, and weekly Reports

  • We provide you with a custom link so you can see all follow up being done with your leads (this tracker is updated every 3 – 4 hours).
  •  We provide you with a login to our automation CRM so you can see the status of your leads in real-time.
  •  We don’t cut corners when it comes to call quality, our agents are held to a Gold Standard. Calls are constantly monitored by supervisors.

My dad always says “I can show you better than I can tell you.” That’s the standard we live by we are different because of the accountability and tracking that’s implemented into our process.


By implementing a completely transparent process, you will always know the status of our follow up with every one of your leads!

No Smoke And Mirrors Just Genuine Results 

helping Generate millions of $$$ in closed deals

“The Local Lead Lion” Marcus Thomas

Hey! I am Marcus Thomas!


Even though I am the owner of a marketing agency now, I used to be a Financial Executive for the Social Security Department of one of the largest legal firms in Florida and I understood what it takes to thrive in difficult economies. Leads that close, as a REAL person, business owner, husband, and father I believe in giving more than I receive.


I am not ashamed to say just like you. I have had the shady “guru” tell me that he can help me achieve a certain goal and thousands of Dollars later I realized that there was no truth to his story. That is why I take a completely different approach. I think there is more value in showing you what I can do than you paying for something and having to wait for it.  That’s why I have created a repository of all of the phenomenal results I get for my clients (on my Website, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn).


Even though my Facebook page and my Google business reviews are on social display I still continue to live by my father’s motto of “I could show you better than I can tell you.” Before clicking the “Get Started Now” button let’s have a Zoom coffee, Tea, or Wine together to make sure you are completely comfortable with moving forward with me “The Local Lead Lion” Marcus Thomas.


 Unlike the shady “Gurus” your success is my success. I believe that if we all succeed we can continue to make this world a little better place and give back to the next generation.


$997/month for up to 2000 dials

At the end of the month you will get a detailed summary of the calls and we will invoice you for the overages.

All callers are recruited from large corporate U.S. Call centers. All callers speak fluent English and Spanish.


Our callers are all remote-based workers. All of our callers are equipped with the best noise Isolating technology so that they can work from virtually anywhere by plugging into our phone dialing system. All of our callers are from the Americas and most of them have lived in the U.S.

Our callers will follow up with and schedule apppointments and live transfers for leads in any niche!

No. However, you may provide us with the email and text campaigns you would like to use and we will plug them into our automation system for you. Note: If you would like to use a text campaign you wil need to sign up for your own Twilio account and pay for your own text messages.

Our call center team members are highly trained and their calls are constantly monitored for quality purposes! We train them regularly with high level coaches.

Even though our agents are trained by the best Grant Cardone can’t even close 100%.


We have a nationwide average of 14.22% conversion rate to appointment for Facebook Leads. We also do the nurturing to build the relationship and convert the rest of them throughout the year and fill your pipeline.

The short answer is NO! We require you to have a calendar scheduling software such as Calendly or ScheduleOnce so we may enter your appointments on your calendar in real time. (We ask you for a link to this during the on boarding process).

Click on one of the black and gold get started buttons. That will take you to the checkout where you will make your first payment of $997. You will then be redirected to an onboarding page where we will ask for the information we need to get started and schedule an onboarding call with you and your team.

Sure! As I mentioned in my Bio let’s Zoom and have coffee, tea, or wine. We actually encourage you to book a 30 minute session with The Local Lead Lion Marcus Thomas before you can do that HERE.


The Local Lead Lion Marcus Thomas is a digital marketing expert, Real Estate Investor, and coach specializing in helping partner clients ditch the hype & acquire new clients with automation and quality leads. Getting your clients from A to B so they can SEE you online.

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